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How to Make your Travel Insurance Claim

Step by Step Guide

Follow these step-by-step guidelines to effectively navigate the process of utilising your travel insurance during emergencies. Ensure that all documentation is organised and readily accessible to facilitate a smoother claims process.

    The services covered by your policy may include:

    • Payment of medical, surgical and poisoning treatment costs.
    • Transfer by ambulance and admission to the nearest Hospital in Iran.
    • Repatriation of minors to their respective countries in the event of insured Hospitalisation or death.

    Make sure you read and underestand the Product Disclosure Statement and ask for clarification on what is and isn’t covered if there’s anything you’re unsure about. 

    Step by Step Guide

    1. Do Not Present Insurance Certificate to Hospitals or Health Professionals
    DO NOT present your insurance certificate directly to health professionals or Hospitals in Iran. Instead, focus on settling the initial expenses and obtaining necessary documentation.
    2. Incur Medical Expenses
    Pay for any medical costs incurred, including hospital and doctor fees. It's important to note that presenting your medical insurance certificate directly to healthcare professionals is not advisable.
    3. Gather Evidence of Expenses
    Collect all necessary evidence for the expenses you've incurred. This may include receipts, invoices, and any other relevant documents. Proper documentation is crucial for a successful claim process.
    4. Contact Healthline within 72 hours

    Report the incident within 72 hours and reach out to the designated Call Center, Health Assistant at (0098 21) 8671 8601. Provide them with essential information, such as:

    • Your personal details
    • Incident details
    • Your passport number
    • Any other relevant information

    If you could not contact with the HealthLine for any reason, you can contact (0098 21) 6132 7777 and seek assistance to lodge your claim.

    5. Submit Your Claim

    After contacting the healthline, follow their guidance on submitting your claim. This typically involves providing detailed information about the incident and attaching the evidence of expenses.

    6. Claim Assessment
    Once your claim is submitted, it will be assessed by the insurance provider. They will review the provided information and documentation to determine the validity of the claim.
    7. Reimbursement

    Upon successful assessment, your claim will be approved, and you will be reimbursed for the covered expenses. The reimbursement process may vary, so be sure to follow any specific instructions provided.

    Call HealthLine at (0098 21) 8671 8601 within 72 hours of the incident.

    Essentail Documents Required for your Claim

    • Copy of your Passport
    • Copy of your Flight Ticket
    • Visa Grant Notice
    • Copy of your Travel Inusrance Certificate
    • Supporting documents including medical reports, medication receipts and any other proof of relevant expenses

    If you could not contact with the HealthLine for any reason, you can contact (0098 21) 6132 7777 and seek assistance to lodge your claim.

    Disclaimer: Persian Citizen Services is an independent legal entity and there is no legal or administrative connection with any Iranian government organisations. Iranian Embassy in Canberra is the authority to accept the applications and issue the requested documents.