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A Brief History
Behind Our Centre

Mohammad Azimi

Founder, Registered Migration Consultant

Thank you for visiting us.

Ifront Digital PTY LTD ( trading as Persian Citizen Services) is an Australian registered business, which provides citizenship services to Iranians residing in Australia.

The centre is a privately owned company based in Parramatta, Sydney. There is no legal or administrative connection to the consular section of the Iranian Embassy in Canberra.

The number of Iranians living in Australia is on the rise, and the demands for citizenship services to Iranians are evident.

I am pleased to open the first citizenship support centre for Iranians living in Australia.

Based on my 14 years of experience as a registered migration consultant in Australia, I have sought to look at the needs of Iranian citizenship matters in a detailed and systematic way.

Despite Australia's pace of life, I have done my utmost to address all of the citizens' administrative needs in one meeting, to avoid further administrative visits.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that due to certain legal restrictions, some Iranian citizenship matters including granting the power of attorney, have a multi-step process, but our aim is to ensure that these issues move forward as quickly as possible.

We are trustworthy people and our goal is to address your Iranian citizenship needs in the best way and in the shortest time possible.

We are delighted that you have selected us on your journey.

Mohammad Azimi

Founder, Registered Migration Consultant

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Disclaimer: Persian Citizen Services is an independent legal entity and there is no legal or administrative connection with any Iranian government organisations. Iranian Embassy in Canberra is the authority to accept the applications and issue the requested documents.