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Registration of Granting the Power of Attorney

We can assist you to lodge your power of attorney application on the Mikhak website, please note that the following documents are required to register your application:

  • Obtaining tracking code
  • Valid Iranian passport
  • Details about your proxy or lawyer ( including national ID number, address and telephone number)
  • National ID card
  • Your birth certificate (Shenasnameh)
  • An Australian valid visa or proof of residency more info

Process Overview

1st Step

Booking an Appointment

If you wish to grant the power of attorney, you need to book an appointment and visit our office in- person in Parramatta.

Every session could last between 1 and 1.5 hours.

Booking an appointment is mandatory as we do not provide walk-in services. To schedule an appointment, you can call us at 02 9002 5512 or you can send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please attend in our centre at the agreed time. In most cases, if you delay for more than 10 minutes , we need to reschedule your appointment as providing services may interfere with our other appointments.

We endeavor to finalise your application in one session.

2nd Step

Collecting Documents

Please gather the required documents listed in the relevant section on this page and make sure to bring along the originals when visiting us in person.

If any documents are missing or you do not have access to them, please discuss document deficiencies over the phone before attending our office as this may delay the process of your application.

3rd Step

Obtaining Tracking Code

At our appointment, we provide you all the necessary advice on your registration at the Mikhak website and we complete all of the predefined steps about processing your application

We will upload your documents on the website; submit your application and print out the tracking code which is an essential requirement for processing your application.

4th Step

Paying the Associated Fees

Depending on the type of services you choose, we would pay the relevant governmental application fees on your behalf, and include the receipt with your application.

Last Step

Lodging the Application by Post

We attempt to finalise your application in a session with a maximum duration of 1.5 hours

Once you are at our office, we typically complete the application.

Your application will eventually be forwarded to Canberra by post for final processing and consideration.

In most instances, your attendance is required to sign the documents at the Iranian embassy in Canberra.

Government fees for power of attorney registration


Registration of power of attorney for selling immovable properties such as sale of land or house etc,

$ 85.00

Registration of power of attorney for buying immovable properties such as purchasing land or house etc,

$ 51.00

Registration of power of attorney for selling movable properties such as sale of car

$ 34.00

Registration of power of attorney for buying movable properties such as sale of car, shares etc

$ 34.00

Other powers of attorney  such as acting for administrative affairs, or banking or retirement affairs or superannuation affairs, etc

Frequently Asked Questions about Power of Attorney

  • Do I have to travel to Canberra to sign a power of attorney?

    In accordance with the law and in view of the importance of the granting of the power of attorney, the confirmation of the applicant 's signature under the documents should be carried out under the supervision of the responsible officer and the applicant is required to sign the documents at the embassy.

    According to the information on the website of the Iranian Embassy in Australia, certain power of attorney can be exercised in absentia, but it is clearly mentioned that in any case the embassy shall investigate and decide that the applicant must travel to Canberra and sign the document in person.

  • Does your office provide legal advice on the content of the powers of attorney?

    In Mikhak website, there are a number of predefined power of attorneys samples that can be modified and edited. .

    In case of a change of name and surname in the abovesaid official documents, a copy of the Change of Name Certificate should be submitted.

    Keep in mind that the responsible officer at the Iranian embassy in Australia is solely responsible for confirming the signature of the applicant and it is recommended that you discuss your case with one of the notaries or your lawyer in Iran and make the necessary points in the while granting attorney power.

  • I want to give a friend the power of attorney to sell my house in Iran. What information should I have with me?

    In order to sell a property, its details, such as address, land registration number, etc., must be mentioned in the the power of attorney.

  • I want to give a friend the power of attorney to sell my car in Iran. What information should I have with me?

    In order to sell a car, its details, such as plate number, chassis number, etc are required to be mentioned in the the power of attorney.

  • I want to give a friend the power of attorney to sell my phone line in Iran. What information should I have with me?

    In order to sell a phone line , its details such as phone number is required to be mentioned in the power of attorney.

  • I want to give a friend the power of attorney to sort out my banking affairs in Iran. What information should I have with me?

    To sort out banking matters, include the branch name, branch name, and account number, etc. in the attorney's power script.

  • I want to give a friend the power of attorney to sort out inheritance affairs in Iran. What information should I have with me?

    The name of the deceased and its relationship with the applicant must be mentioned in the power of attorney of inheritance.

  • My father is not well and he is very ill, what should I do to prepare a power of attorney?

    Pursuant to Article 210 of the Iranian Civil Code, both parties in the power of attorney must be qualified.

    Therefore, people who are fainted, have dementia, have mood disorders or, for some reason, do not have the necessary awareness to recognise their interests are not eligible for the power of attorney.

  • What does an Australian valid proof of residency or visa evidence mean?

    Australian proof of residency includes any documents which shows that you live in Australia.

    The documents are included but not limited to:

    • Australian Passport
    • Australian Citizenship Certificate
    • Visa Grant Letter for a temporary or permanent visa
    • Australian Travel Document

    If do not have the above documents or you have any other Australian documents, please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Mikhak website?

    Mikhak is the Persian abbreviation of the "Integrated Consular Services Management System," an online service platform where you can create, submit and manage applications pertaining to your Iranian citizenship matters.

    The application submitted will be administered by the respective consular section of the Iranian embassy in your designated country.

    Mikhak is the front door of all electronic consular services including passport application, marriage or divorce registration, granting a power of attorney, authentication of documents, etc.

    Using Mikhak you can:

    • lodge an application for a citizenship service including a new passport or birth certificate, etc;
    • track status of your application;
    • provide supporting documents;
    • modify your application;
    • update your personal information.
  • Do I have to use the services of your centre to do my Iranian citizenship matters?

    As applications relating to Iranian citizenship matters including passport, granting power of attorney or registering your marriage et must be submitted electronically and online, some Iranian citizens may find it very difficult to enter the details correctly on the "Mikhak" online system and may require advice and assistance. We can help them to get the request properly entered and recorded in the system and lodge their applications.

    However, in any case, if you think that you have access to the relevant information and have enough confidence, you can lodge the relevant applications directly by yourself.

  • What services do you provide ?

    In brief, we will:

    • Advise you on the best pathway that may best suit you to achieve your goal;
    • Advise you on the documents you will need to submit with your application;
    • Help you fill out the application form;
    • Provide consulting and delivering support for the registration of applications on the Mikhak website;
    • Submit the application for you by mail;
    • Pay the relevant governmental charges on your behalf;
    • Provide tracking code for your application.
  • How much does it cost to use your services?

    The costs are split into two sections, one related to the government fees for the services you requested and one related to the costs of our services.

    You can refer to this link to see the table of Iranian government charges.

    Broadly speaking, the service fees depend on your selected plan and is calculated based on the amount of work and the time we spend on your matter.

    We typically advise you of our service fees after our initial assessment and before we work on your matter.

  • Is your company registered in Australia ?

    Yes. Persian Citizen Services is a registered entity in Australia.

    Please click on this link  to view our registration details at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission website.

  • Do you legally represent me for my matter ?

    It is a standard practice in Australia where people can nominate a person to represent them or choose a lawyer to handle their paperwork or nominate a person as their representative to Centrelink, telecommunication companies, etc.

    Unfortunately, there is no legal mechanism for us to take direct responsibility for applicants' cases in citizenship matters pertaining to them such as the issuance of an Iranian passport, Iranian identity card, etc.

    The services that we offer is to prepare and lodge your application per the requirement of the Iranian legislation, however, we are unable to legally represent your matter.

  • Do I need to make an appointment to discuss about my citizenship matter?

    Yes. Based on our experience it may take between one to one and a half hours to complete a task related to an Iranian citizenship matter and making an appointment is strongly recommended.

    Unfortunately, we do not provide walk-in services.  

  • Do I need to physically attend in your centre to complete my Iranian citizenship matters?

    In most cases, our assistance requires your physical attendance at the office, but we will advise you in advance if your matter does not require you to be in the office.

  • Do you protect my privacy and my personal information?

    We take seriously the issue of privacy.

    We will not, under any circumstance, allow your private and confidential information to be handed to a third party unless that is required under Australian law.

    Please rest assured that the private matters you share with us will remain completely confidential and will not be passed on to anyone else without your prior consent.

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